Once again thank you BLB team for extending all supports. You do not sell plots, you help ordinary people realize their dreams. You are a ‘Dream Merchant’. You made us so comfortable, we are really very proud to be a part owner of Narasimha Nagar. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes and tons of thanks to your Chairman and every one in BLB. My wife joins me in conveying her thanks and appreciation in making the registration process so professional and comfortable.

M.S.R. Swamy

We received the Registered document for Plot No 301, Sree Narashimha Nagar, Thiruninravur in good condition duly packed well. I want to go on record that this may be taken to the notice of your esteemed M.D that my dealings with you, your staff and your marketing executive Mr. R. Karunakaran was extremely good, cordial and purpose from the beginning to the end of I phase of completing the deal as we look forward to the future. And all the information I wanted were not only given but all the pertinent and sundry doubts I had were all cleared to my satisfaction.

In these days when we see so many companies intend in taking the customers money only your organization is not only Trust worthy and practicing ethical values which is to be really commended.

I wish you all success and more satisfied clientele in the future to you.

May god be with us all and Bless your organization (all in the company) as well your customers.

R. Nityanandam

Retd. Chief Internal Auditor and
Chief Auditor of Statutory Boards
(Joint Secretary to Governmenet)
Government of Tamil Nadu

This is to congratulate BLB ESTATES for rendering decade of excellent service to customer in the process of creating wealth. In the world of FLY BY NIGHT operators, particularly in field of real estate which is undergoing tough challenge, it is certainly outstanding gesture on your part in remembering old customers like us and involving us in your 10th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS. I am certain BLB will grow Leaps and bounds under the able leadership of your MD Mr.R.Bhaskar in many more decades to come.

Pray God to Bless one and all in BLB estates for a prosperous NEW YEAR 2010



I take this opportunity to appreciate BLB for having remembered me and other customers during this event, as I am fed up with seeing people “Kick off the ladder” once they reach the desired height!!!

At this juncture, I pray to God that such good people should exist in this world forever!!

I request you to kindly show this letter to all of our employees, so that they will feel pride to be a part of such a good company

With warm regards


10/54, New Street
Chennai – 600 004
Nature is GOD

In western societies the habit of giving is ingrained in their individual and corporate culture. They call this Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. Also in Islam there is the concept of Zakat, whereby everyone is ordained to give 4 percent of his earnings to charitable causes. In several Islamic Republics the government compulsorily collects this as a levy and gives it to a Zakat Fund.

I have observed that you are one of the few corporate houses that contribute regularly for charitable causes, and one of the few real estate companies that have followed ethical principles. Also your layouts are well planned, and you have named them after our good and goddesses or spiritual gurus.

I wish to express my appreciation for these acts of wisdom and foresight, and hope that you will be blessed by the Almighty to serve mankind even better in the future.

With warm regards